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Guccha mutha

Common Name: Deo bhadail
Scientific Name: Cyperus nemoralis Cherm.
Family Name: Cyperaceae
Type: Sedge

Identification Notes

Cyperus nemoralis Photo 1
Cyperus nemoralis Photo 1
Life Cycle
Culm: laxly tufted with long creeping rhizome, close together or spaced along with rhizome, erect, triquetrous, not thickened at base; Leaves: many, usually shorter than the culm, blades linear, rather soft, flattish, sheath brown to purple brown; Inflorescence: a single head, bearing a globose central spike, densely bearing many spikelets; Fruit: achene, oblong to obovate, suborbicular, biconvexed.
Growing season
Rabi and Kharif
Germination period
January - December
Flowering period
January - December
By seed and rhizome
Mostly found in the levee of crop fields and irrigation channel, homesteads and fallow lands.
Weed potential
Control measure
Recommended herbicide
It is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. It grows in moist meadows, marshes, and riverbanks.
Medicinal properties
Cyperus nemoralis is used as an ornamental plant in gardens and is also used in traditional medicine.