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Common Name: Wild Foxtail Millet
Scientific Name: Setaria viridis (L.) P.Beauv.
Family Name: Gramineae
Type: Grass

Identification Notes

Setaria viridis Photo 1
Setaria viridis Photo 1
Life Cycle
Leaves: Leaves are alternate, 1½ to 12 inches long, lance-linear, flat, hairless, smooth to slightly rough. The sheath is open, green, hairless except for a fringe of hairs along the edge especially near the tip. The ligule (membrane where the leaf joins the sheath) is a fringe of hairs 1 to 2 mm long. Nodes are hairless and green to purplish. Stem: Stems are smooth, erect to ascending, the lower stem often prostrate then rising at the lower node (geniculate), but not rooting at the node. Stems are multiple and branching from the base, forming loose to dense clumps. Inflorescence: The flowers are attached to branches rather than to the main axis of the inflorescence. There are no branch points between the base of the inflorescence axis and the flowers, or they are not obvious.
Growing season
Germination period
Flowering period
By seed
Terrestrial and wetlands
Weed potential
Control measure
Recommended herbicide
Native to Europe. Can be found growing in cultivated fields, gardens, waste places, distrubed areas and roadsides.
Medicinal properties